Saturday, January 12, 2013

You can hang out here even though it's not the Shire.

After reviewing my "keyword analysis" on Statcounter, I realized that most of you e-peeps stopped by because you thought you were going to see something out of a Tolkien novel. I hope you're not disappointed. I'm not short or hairy. I do like rings. But not for ruling.

Here are the keywords that may have lead you to my blog:

fires of mordor
ice wall everest
lego zombie
alligator skin charms
cover eat pray love
funny mordor
good newspaper column names
mordor funny
mordor twitter cover
names for columns in newspapers

payless shoes zapatos
prose from eat pray love
things i love about my friend
welcome to mordor
zapatos annalisa

"never get sedation"

12 days christmas funny thank you notes

911 prose
a baby is like a tattoo on your face
a name for  column in a newspaper
appositives made fun
austin powers pointing
Buffy Birthday memes
child underpants
column names, newspapers
cry baby pictures gallery
duck on a bike duck past dog
tattoo on your face
emo kids

funny description mordor
going to mordor

good names for advice columns
greaser clothing
greaser look
haiku poems about zombies

johnny 5 robot mohawk

megara in disney world
michael myers face scary
mordor face
mordor game
my kid is cooler than yours

roland merullo ???
lunch with buddha
Sandy leather trousers 
short circuit 2 mini robots

special 30 birthday cakes
spective sleep

This is Mordor

twelve days of christmas dirty thank you notes ???

world's worst injury ever
zombi lego
zombie minifig

I totally get most of these. My faves are the zombie legos and Johnny 5. You guys know just how to find me.


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