Friday, March 8, 2013

"Hey baby. Come here often?" "Yes. I live here. Now, put on some pants."

I've been dating... husband.

Guess that was worth mentioning. hehehe.

As prescribed by a therapist and religious leader, we've been working on our relationship by going out on dates several times a month.

- We went to a comedy show, but it was sold out. So we went thrift store shopping instead. It was awesome. (And better than the last time I went to DI and overheard a man making crude noises in the dressing room adjacent to me. And they were not the sounds of a man trying on pants.)

- We got couples scalp treatments with shoulder massages.

- We went to Les Mis.

- We went to a superhero exhibit at an art museum. (Bonus: Andy Warhol's exhibit was there too.)

I've really enjoyed dating my husband again. I consider myself lucky to have this second chance to fall in love with him. We get dressed up. We flirt. We even kiss. [gasp] It's been great for our relationship and I'm very happy.

(Love you, hubs.)

On a related note, sometimes couples don't work out.
Case in point, a friend of mine is getting a divorce. Her name is Brandi.

This is her post about her divorce.
And this is her post about why.

Please take a minute to read them.

I think the truest statement she made was "Marriages are complicated."

What do you do in your marriage to keep the fire alive? 


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