Thursday, May 30, 2013

That's how we walking.

Here's what my family has been up to in the last couple months.

Gavin: Mom, if you want to talk to me, you have to sign here. [Drops open what he thinks is a contract, apparently.]

Silly shoe shopping with Layne. She wanted to try on all of the discounted prom shoes.

These were some nice business shoes that they didn't have in my size. =(

One in each color. Fug shoes, I know, but we were just having fun girl-time.

The splash pad openeth! Since it opened, we've been three times. It's a 5 mile ride, round-trip, so a great workout.

There's a waterfall...
...And this interactive river that ends in a splash pad. So cool!

On our 11th anniversary, we took the kids to the Natural Science Museum in SLC.

We've been on walks.

Movie and/or game nights with friends.

More walks.

Flying kites.

Walking Spike.
Now it's summer, and I'm thinking we'll be doing exactly this all summer. (Maybe some camping too.)
Happy Summer, ya'll.
What are your summer plans?

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Oh, I'll sign your yearbook. I'll sign the crap out of it.

Last week was the last week of school. Everyone got their yearbooks on Tuesday. That means I was signing yearbooks for pretty much 3 days straight.

I hate generic signatures.
"Have a good summer!"
"Come see me next year!"
"I'm the first one to sign your crack [written on the seam of the book.]"

So I tend to change it up. A lot.

Sometimes, I invent things that never happened.

 Sometimes, I draw terrible pics about books we read.

Sometimes, I draw terrible pictures about hunting.

Oftentimes, I digress about a person's name for 1/2 a page.

 So if you want me to sign your yearbook, be warned:
I will sign your yearbook. [nods head] I will sign the crap out of it.


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