Saturday, June 22, 2013

Interested in writing graphic novels or comics?

A friend and I are teaching this week-long workshop for high school writers in July: 


(click above for link)

"Want to write a graphic novel? Create a world where super heroes and villains reign. As we help you focus on character development and storytelling you will create five pages of a graphic novel or comic book. You’ll meet other students who share your interests and help each other improve your technique. Best of all, professional writers and illustrators will join us throughout the week to give their insights and expertise.
Cost: $220
Tuition includes: five days of instruction, writing and classroom materials, guest author visits, guest author book, gallery show at end of camp, T–shirt, and snacks."
The coolest part of this camp is the FOUR guest lecturers. We've book four of the finest local graphic novelists, illustrators, and writers.


Jared Greenleaf will be teaching Creative Research: Things to consider when world-building a story,  sci-fi & fantasy story types, and writing formulas and tricks in space travel, Magic, and more. 

Nathan Hale, author of Calamity Jack and Rapunzel's Revenge

Jake Parker is teaching panel to panel storytelling and page layout & composition, along with a brief history of comics.
Jake Wyatt
's lesson includes integration of text and image in comics, and the challenges and opportunities inherent to planning a visual narrative through text as it applies to writing for comics and the screen. 

Come and check it out! It will be well worth it! 
Register online through the first week of July. 


  1. My daughter was registered for this class and was sorely disappointed when it was canceled. She had worked and saved her own money to pay for it. :( Do you know of any other workshops being taught in the area? Shannon

    1. We were sorely disappointed as well. I'm very sorry about the inconvenience for you and your daughter.

      I know that the next BYU camp will be next April for Spring Break. It'll be on Sci-Fi and Fantasy.

      Next summer we also plan to try this camp again at a lower price. It would mean less local professional artists as guest speakers, but we hope that will help the enrollment immensely.



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