Saturday, June 1, 2013

What's up with the Elves?: Lessons on World Creation

I had the pleasure of welcoming Robison Wells to the Science Fiction and Fantasy Youth Writing Camp at BYU over Spring Break. Wells provided the students with an engaging presentation on troubleshooting economy and ecology of speculative fiction world creation. He also stayed for a Q/A session and a book-signing. The experience was invaluable to students and teachers alike. Since the experience went so well, we decided to invite him back to the general Creative Writing Camp for high school students this June.

Here's a few of my favorite nuggets of writer-wisdom from Wells:

 “The best writing advice I ever got was from my brother [Dan Wells]. He said, ‘Everyone has an idea for a book. Everyone thinks they’re going to go out and write the Great American Novel. The difference between writers and everyone else is that writers sit down and do it.’” 

 “My second rule for writing is: Revise. The world belongs to people who revise. Make it better. Make it perfect.”

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