Friday, October 18, 2013


(Written in the perspective of the main character of the novel I'm writing for grad school, TEMPESTS.)

I saw the clip.
You slipped
And said my name
When it counted.
My heart did swan dives
In acid.
My lips lightly
The apothecary’s fire.

Your father sprayed
Diet Coke over his shoulder. 
Off screen, 
Someone made a Friends reference.
Your best man roared a laugh,
Called Freud a puckish sonuvabitch.
You shook your head.

I paused on your expression.
Zoomed in on your eyes;
Blurred plums,
Searching the scars and knots
Lacquered on the surface
Of the table.
I thought,
You won’t find me.

I saw it
And cannot unsee.
My name in your mouth
Is a lance
Hurled across time,
Ripping a grave in my chest.
My name on your lips
Pours full,
An empty chalice.

1 comment:

  1. Your poems are a lot better than mine. Die coke over his shoulder, swan dives in acid, blurred plums....I'm an amateur.....



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