Wednesday, November 25, 2015

DIY: Hutch Makeover

My husband and I like to redo furniture. We aren't experts, but we've stripped and painted many  pieces in our thirteen years together. We brought a tallboy and a bookcase back from the brink of mediocrity with a coat of red paint and new hardware. We redid a college desk for my daughter, painted it lime green, and stamped butterflies and flowers on the drawers. We painted our dresser, our dining room table and chair legs, stained an antique sewing desk, and lacquered a small telephone bench that my mom found for us on the side of a road. (I sewed a seat cushion for it too.)
On the left: sewing desk, bought at a thrift store for $15. My husband sanded it down and stained it for me as a b-day present a few years back.
Top right: telephone bench found on the side of the road. It was a holy mess and we had to redo the whole thing.
Bottom right: tall boy, hand-me-down from grandma. It was plain, plain, plain when we inherited it. Now it's a great addition to my son's room It has a matching bookcase.

We like to paint picture frames too. 

But the biggest face lift we've done is definitely the last one. My mom gave us this hutch a year ago when she moved and I've been itching to make it my own.

Here are the results:
We used two coats of tinted primer paint. The hardware and glass is from the original piece. 

I lined the back with this beautiful book print material that I found at JoAnn's. It's attached with a spray adhesive.
Doesn't my grandmother's vintage typewriter look GREAT on the newly stained top? We used a light stain, and the whole piece is coated with a spray polyurethane. I have plans to finish the wood top with a wax sealant.
If you don't have those little pads that keep the doors from slamming, googly eyes are a perfect alternative.
You can see the table and chairs we painted on the right too. 

Our next project is the bar stools. I wanna make the tops look like the keys of a typewriter.

'Til next time.


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