Friday, November 27, 2015

Kid Art

I have some uniquely talented artist-children. How these artists came from my genes, I'll never know. I'm a wordsmith, remember. My brother's the artist. Maybe we can blame BF Larsen, the professional painter ancestor on my mom's side of the family. (There's even a gallery named after him at BYU. Fun fact: I was named after his mother, Lorena.)

Seriously, this is the extent of my talent. Pumpkin cake in a tree mold and frosted with a bag and a tip thingy.
But I digress. Here's what my kiddos have been up to of late:

Gavin is 7 and this is his Godzilla! He looked at a picture and drew it. 
Gavin's really into watching how-to-draw tutorials, and I think they're really paying off. I should tell you that this talent seems to have budded overnight. He is a ball of energy and for the past two-three years he's been rolling everywhere he goes, like Sonic the Hedgehog. Because of his need to go-go-go, he's not interested in sitting still. Maybe that's why we never noticed his abilities before. But seriously, he's killing it with these drawings.

Elayna took first place in her category in the PTA Reflections contest this year for this piece. The theme was Let Your Imagination Fly. This is the third year that she placed in the competition.

Layne, 11, enjoying her swag.
I'm so proud of my chillins'.
Now go forth artists! Create! 


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