Sunday, December 6, 2015

So that if my husband starts dressing like Don Johnson you'll know why.

Cole: Did you know this file box has some of your stuff too?

Me: It does?

Cole: Yeah, like...[he riffles through it.]

Me: 'How to make murder look like suicide?'

Cole: ...

Me: I'm kidding.

Cole: Sugar Momma's in here.

Me: That's an OLD manuscript.

Cole: Yeah, but these are the things I'll donate to universities when you die.

Me: See if you can sell them so you can fund your Miami Vice lifestyle.

Cole: You think that when you die I'm going to have a Miami Vice lifestyle?

Me: No, we'll ALREADY have it before I die. I plan on being so rich that we'll have gilded banisters and marble...stuff.

Cole: Oooooh.

Me: Maybe I better hide my 'How to make murder look like suicide' file.

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