Saturday, May 28, 2016

"Is Sound of Music and Swiss Family Robinson the same thing?" (Best comments on my viral post)

Ya'll are awesome. I loved reading your comments on my viral post. (Last time I checked, it was at 2.5K shares.) If you haven't had the pleasure, here's the link to my blog version. For the original Facebook post, go here.

These comments rocked the casbah:

To confuse more people, go with Cats

Awaiting your call, Lorne.


Aww. I love this. 

Somebody alert those folks at Nobel. 

Maybe I ought to open a store with mugs with some of these lines. 
Everyone seemed to love:

  • "Whiskers-on-kittens impressive," 
  • "This. This is the best part, " and 
  • "Girl's got pipes like Julie Andrews."
What do you think? Would you buy something like that? All proceeds would go in my ComicCon admission fund. 

Bring me your desserts! I demand pecan pie!  

These, too, were my faves. 
For other reasons: 

Is he overthinking this? Or did I touch a nerve?  

It's Scroogian for "Your post was lame." 

He knew it was one of those.  

Another tombstone option: Wife, mother, and quasi catfish thingmabob. 

On a playground where I spent most of my days. 

 I was hoping to get through the whole song, but alas, he never commented back.

LOL, yeah. 

 Love you all.
And happy summer.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Oh, I'll sign your yearbook. I'll sign the crap outta it. (Reposted)

Reposting since it's the end of the year, and that means I get to sign yearbooks again. hehehe.


Last week was the last week of school. Everyone got their yearbooks on Tuesday. That means I was signing yearbooks for pretty much three days straight.

I hate generic signatures.
"Have a good summer!"
"Come see me next year!"
"I'm the first one to sign your crack [written on the seam of the book.]"

So I tend to change it up. A lot.

Sometimes, I invent things that never happened.

 Sometimes, I draw terrible pics about books we read.

Sometimes, I draw terrible pictures about hunting. I live in a pretty rural area; hunting is muy importante.

Oftentimes, I digress about a person's name for 1/2 a page.

 So if you want me to sign your yearbook, be warned:
I will sign your yearbook. I will sign the crap out of it.

Friday, May 20, 2016

My bestie, Julie Andrews, and how I vet her dates

I did a thing.
And it accidentally went viral.
In 48 hrs. it had 1.1K shares. The latest count is 1.8K in under 72 hrs.
[Update: 2.5K shares.]

Guy meets girl. Guy wants to date her. Guy hits up her bestie for intel.

I believe it was drapes in The Sound of Music. 

I updated the pranks. 
"The hills are alive!" is probably what she sang on the hikes. 

He'll catch on now, right? 
Nope. Nada. 
This has got to ring a bell.  
Confidence, Nun, dating an older guy...anything?  
I'm starting to think he's never seen it. 

Let me give him a visual memory-jog. Not too specific. 


I ended up having to tell him. He was a good sport about it. Good thing too. My friend L. values a man with a sense of humor. ;)

Here's a link to the original Facebook post. Feel free to share. And to those who already did, thanks for all the love and support!

Sunday, May 8, 2016

This Writing Conference is THE Writing Conference

My birthday week ended with the. best. writing conference in existence. I've been to LDStorymakers three times, and every year it gets better. I live-tweeted most of my classes, but if you missed it here are some of my favorite take-aways:
There aren't many of us NF writers, but we found each other. Allison Merrill and me.

From Matthew Kirby's Form, Not Formula class:

 Brandon Sanderson spoke during lunch on Saturday.

 Jeff Wheeler's First Million Words class:

 Agent Jenny Bent gave the most thorough lesson on queries with a handout that writers might sell their firstborn book for.

However, she did say she would forgive people if they got her name wrong. 

Keynote: Chris Crowe, author of Death Coming Up the Hill

Top: Chris and his lovely wife. 

 Marketing for Authors with Rob and Dan Wells and J. Scott Savage.

I don't have a ton of tweets on this class, but it was one of my favorites. I have copious notes on branding, strategy vs. tactics, and the four Ps. 

Dr. Rosalyn Eves brought down the house with her lecture on the Emotional Correlative.

A graduate-level class. 

I struggled capturing the brilliance of this lesson in a mere 140 characters. 

Thank you, Ali Cross, for your class on Managing Social Media Campaigns.

 A class on pitching + Julie Wright = hilarity.

At the beginning of the conference, they invite the teachers, agents, and publishers to the podium to offer one word to describe themselves or their contributions to the conference. Here are some gems:

This one would take too long to explain, but it is a pretty accurate description of how laid back everyone is. This is a no-pressure conference and one of the best for networking.

Seriously. Come next year. May 12 and 13th.


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My bestie, Julie Andrews, and how I vet her dates

I did a thing. And it accidentally went viral. In 48 hrs. it had 1.1K shares. The latest count is 1.8K in under 72 hrs. [Update: 2.5K sha...