Saturday, May 28, 2016

"Is Sound of Music and Swiss Family Robinson the same thing?" (Best comments on my viral post)

Ya'll are awesome. I loved reading your comments on my viral post. (Last time I checked, it was at 2.5K shares.) If you haven't had the pleasure, here's the link to my blog version. For the original Facebook post, go here.

These comments rocked the casbah:

To confuse more people, go with Cats

Awaiting your call, Lorne.


Aww. I love this. 

Somebody alert those folks at Nobel. 

Maybe I ought to open a store with mugs with some of these lines. 
Everyone seemed to love:

  • "Whiskers-on-kittens impressive," 
  • "This. This is the best part, " and 
  • "Girl's got pipes like Julie Andrews."
What do you think? Would you buy something like that? All proceeds would go in my ComicCon admission fund. 

Bring me your desserts! I demand pecan pie!  

These, too, were my faves. 
For other reasons: 

Is he overthinking this? Or did I touch a nerve?  

It's Scroogian for "Your post was lame." 

He knew it was one of those.  

Another tombstone option: Wife, mother, and quasi catfish thingmabob. 

On a playground where I spent most of my days. 

 I was hoping to get through the whole song, but alas, he never commented back.

LOL, yeah. 

 Love you all.
And happy summer.

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