Friday, May 20, 2016

My bestie, Julie Andrews, and how I vet her dates

I did a thing.
And it accidentally went viral.
In 48 hrs. it had 1.1K shares. The latest count is 1.8K in under 72 hrs.
[Update: 2.5K shares.]

Guy meets girl. Guy wants to date her. Guy hits up her bestie for intel.

I believe it was drapes in The Sound of Music. 

I updated the pranks. 
"The hills are alive!" is probably what she sang on the hikes. 

He'll catch on now, right? 
Nope. Nada. 
This has got to ring a bell.  
Confidence, Nun, dating an older guy...anything?  
I'm starting to think he's never seen it. 

Let me give him a visual memory-jog. Not too specific. 


I ended up having to tell him. He was a good sport about it. Good thing too. My friend L. values a man with a sense of humor. ;)

Here's a link to the original Facebook post. Feel free to share. And to those who already did, thanks for all the love and support!



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