Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Oh, I'll sign your yearbook. I'll sign the crap outta it. (Reposted)

Reposting since it's the end of the year, and that means I get to sign yearbooks again. hehehe.


Last week was the last week of school. Everyone got their yearbooks on Tuesday. That means I was signing yearbooks for pretty much three days straight.

I hate generic signatures.
"Have a good summer!"
"Come see me next year!"
"I'm the first one to sign your crack [written on the seam of the book.]"

So I tend to change it up. A lot.

Sometimes, I invent things that never happened.

 Sometimes, I draw terrible pics about books we read.

Sometimes, I draw terrible pictures about hunting. I live in a pretty rural area; hunting is muy importante.

Oftentimes, I digress about a person's name for 1/2 a page.

 So if you want me to sign your yearbook, be warned:
I will sign your yearbook. I will sign the crap out of it.



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