Saturday, March 16, 2019

Voices Heard: Unlucky

Hey friends,

I'm reading an original personal essay at Voices Heard on Monday, March 18th at 7pm at the Sugar Space Arts Warehouse in Salt Lake.

Here's the official advertisement from Chad Anderson:

Next Monday night, March 18, it's Voices Heard: Unlucky! Featuring first-time storyteller, Rena Lesue!
Rena Lesue is a caustically funny and blisteringly honest creative nonfiction writer, who specializes in memoir and essays. She has a BA in English Education and an MFA in Creative Nonfiction. Currently, she teaches writing courses at UVU. Rena has been writing and publishing for nearly 20 years, including a 4 year stint with The Daily Herald. Her prose has appeared in publications such as Segullah, Ruminate, Superstition Review, The Lily, The Salt Lake Tribune, and The Washington Post. She was a finalist for the 2015 Heather Campbell Prose contest and the 2018 Writers@Work nonfiction contest. This year, Rena released a collection of essays called, How We Die, on topics of death, depression, and abuse; it is available on Amazon. She and her husband, Nate, have a podcast for aspiring writers, Crack the WIP (an acronym for Work in Progress), on Patreon and Stitcher. In her spare time, she dreams up cosplay ensembles and themed birthday cakes. She runs to Weezer songs and, with her four kids, jumps on the trampoline, still, somehow, landing the occasional backflip.

Come check it out!

Also, Crack the WIP launched a new podcast episode about how to write about religion for a secular audience.
Here's the link!

Thanks for your amazing support! Love you all!


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